Akinator - privacy policy

Privacy policy within Akinator application

These license terms are an agreement between you and the application developer (Elokence.com). Please read them. They apply to the software application you download from the Windows Store, including any updates or supplements for the application. By downloading the application you agree to this terms

Personal data collected by the application
Akinator does not need any account to be played and will never ask you to type any private information and is committed to respect your privacy.
The only element collected by the akinator application is the ip address, in conformity with the law. Elokence.com, the application developer will never reveal this piece of information to any third party unless demanded for law enforcement (in case of defamation for example).
Adding a character or a question
You can add a new character or a new question within the application as long as in any way character's name or question is not offending or harming anyone else.
Suggesting a photo for a character that does not have one
By suggesting a photo, you certify to have the rights to publish it and allows Elokence.com to use it on its websites and mobile applications.